January 8, 2017

Post Christmas Post

These Hallmark ornaments are much cuter coming out of the boxes, than they are when you have to put them all away!  Oh my word. Hope  you had a lovely Christmas and that you are all organized for the new year by now. 🎉

This is one of the lovely things our daughter gave us for Christmas.  I just adore it.  It's hand stitched by a friend of hers that has an Etsy shop - Mrs. Caiterbug She makes wonderful things for any state you love. 💟
Mrs. Caiterbug also offers beautiful scripture prints.  Em picked this favorite for us. She spoiled us this year for sure.😉

And speaking of being spoiled, this is the amazing hand-crocheted, ribbon work table runner that my sister gave us for Christmas.  All the way from the Polish Christmas markets!  It actually journeyed from Poland to Alaska, Alaska to Colorado, and then was mailed from there to us in WA!  Worth every mile in our opinion.  It's old world gorgeous.  Thank you again Seestra!

As of two weeks post-Christmas, we have 4 of our 5 new chickens laying - woohoo!  I put the walnut in the picture to show how small the eggs are when they chickens are young layers.  We've gotten all kinds of pretty colored eggs and they are increasing in size all the time.  As for our little rooster, let's just say he's fully functional and a robust boy!🐓😵
We turned the little card in the egg photo into a framed "print".  This was an original water color that was re-printed for cards.  I have saved Christmas cards for years and have found so many uses for them.  It's fun to go through the piles and see all the senders once again.  I must confess, and I believe it's because we've moved around so much over the years, that there were some photos and signatures on those cards that neither one of us recognized - oops!
Another favorite use for the old cards is making Christmas book marks.  These have been cut and punched, and now I will add little ribbon loops to complete them. They are a perfect little gift for the people in your book club, librarians, or any other avid readers.  I once made a box full and sent them to my grandmother's nursing home for the residents and staff. Easy and cheerful!  Anyone recognize a card that you may have sent years ago?
 One of the most satisfying and sentimental gifts I did this year, was enlarging this old snap shot into 8x8 prints for my siblings and my mom - and one for me of course. 😏  This was taken in 1963 on my grandmother's porch in Clearfield, IA.  Since she passed away this year, I thought this was a perfect picture to memorialize those good old days and how much we loved going to Grandma's house.
 One of my Christmas gifts from my dear husband didn't fit 😟, so I exercised the option of ordering something I'd been longing for.  Does that sentence sound a little evil?  Hmmm. I've been a fan of the Pioneer Woman for quite some time now, and I'd seen some things online from her new Mercantile store in OK, that I really thought I "needed".  This order was a wonderful experience in all ways, including the charming package that arrived!  From the flowered packaging tape, to the great logo and stickers on the box, to the delightful and colorful hand-written thank you card inside, I was won over immediately.
Once I dove into the package, I was even more delighted.  These bird glasses were even more appealing in person!  I love them.
And how could I possibly resist this egg and bacon blown glass ornament?  Come on!  There was also an old fashioned rolling pin available in the store, but not online.  Boohoo.  This store has my number buddy.  Good thing I live a LOOONNGG ways away. 😌
After Christmas returns and errands landed us in the Honeymoon Bay Coffee shop, and we were lucky enough to be there when the roasting was happening. This equipment is right in the front of the store and a very engaging sight. Such a fine, fine aroma!
Our final gift of the season was this incredible sight.  Leaving town and driving home from that errand run, we were treated to this amazing view.  This kind of majestic display is not uncommon here, but each and every time the views are this clear and we see once again the glory of this place, we thank God repeatedly for his mercy and grace in bringing us here.  May you be blessed with His love in 2017.