December 9, 2016

All Decked Out 🎄

Inside and out, our home is decked out for the holidays!  This is a large holly tree that's at the end of our driveway.  It's perfectly shaped and looks very cheerful with big bulbs.  My hubby patiently put the lights on again this year - thanks for indulging me honey. 💗

Our winter blooming rhododendron is still very showy.  We didn't remember it blooming last year so it was an unexpected site.  We also had lots of berries on our holly trees, unlike last year, so we were able to deck the halls in proper style. ✻  Holly is not the most loved plant in the state of Washington, much like wild blackberries, both of which are invasive here.  There are numerous regulations on the books for holly.  For example, the city of Kirkland, WA includes English holly on its list of plants that are prohibited from being planted on private property - no holly love here!

We cut our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving at Pacific Winds Tree Farm. 🌲  They are just a few miles from our house and have a gorgeous view overlooking Crescent Harbor.  That's the body of water we are privileged to enjoy each time we travel to or from our house.  This farm is owned by a wonderful family that has been working hard at good forestry practices in order to make their business thrive. You can see the baby trees in the second picture above. The owner gave us a very interesting lesson last year, and this year he told us about the trees that were growing in a particular section that were started from seeds unearthed from the ash of the major Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980.  Of course we had to get one of those!
On our way home with two trees, the tiny one for Em's apartment.  She and her roommate added a lot of fun to our adventure!

Malcolm is also the lights guy for the inside tree.  This year we opted for a toy theme and placed our big collection of Hallmark toy ornaments on the tree, with old fashioned bulbs and tinsel. We had enough toys to stretch a run of them down the middle of the dining table as well.  An interactive centerpiece! 🎅

Our accidental rooster is looking pretty decked out these days too - yes I'm pushing the limits of this theme so that I can show a picture of this handsome dude. 😄  We thought we had all hens, but we had a surprise with him!  The elaborate tail feathers and the collar of long feathers around his neck should have given us a clue sooner than it did, but we're still novices.  We named all the chickens in pairs, using female comedy duets as the inspiration, so this guy, who was originally part of the Laverne and Shirley pair, is now Lavern without the "e".  That's the male spelling of the name.  Making that little change means I don't have to lose my theme - see, slave to the theme!  So far he's still a cute teenage rooster, complete with a cracking-voice kind of crowing in the morning, but if he gets too "roostery" in the future, he may go the way of the freezer.  He asks for your prayers. 🙏 

And for the last silly tie-in to the decked out theme, here's our deck during our first snowfall of the year!  Some fluffy flakes made a brief, festive show last night. We don't get much snow, but we love it when it happens! ❅❄❆
I plan on blogging about pork and Christmas cookies next - makes sense, right?


  1. Hi Jill! Such a fun post to read. Wonderful to see how you are thriving in your new home. Miss you around here tho! A very Merry Christmas to you!! Diana F.

  2. Hi to you! Please come visit us!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.