November 13, 2016


We had a tree cutting event at our house on Saturday!  Trees needed to come down so that we could have a little more sun on our garden, and to decrease a bit of  the threat of  trees falling where they aren't welcome. 🌲  
These next two pictures are the before and after shots from the garden view.  They're a little hard to make out, but the difference is pretty dramatic, and Lord willing this spring we'll see the results of a sunnier garden. 🍎🍐🍒

We had some amazing people come to help us - all volunteers mind you.  Wow, did they work hard and the results were phenomenal.

This next scene... this was not so good.  The only heart stopping moment of the day. I can't bring myself to replay the details but let's just say it got real for a few seconds. And we can say with complete certainty that God protected them all.

Nathan was our tree feller and he is the man!

My hard working honey. 💗 We did have a few moments of sun, but we also had drizzle, rain, and unfortunately wind, which made for more challenging felling.

My husband rented a chipper to break down the limbs, and the trees were painstakingly cut into rounds for future firewood supply.  Our cooperative back-yard neighbor allowed us to drive the chipper over his property, as we had no other way of getting the chipper to the back of our property (our woods road is hopelessly blocked at the moment), and our neighbor also allowed us to fell the trees into his field.  In exchange he can help himself to the mulch that resulted, and perhaps a thank-you in the form of some freshly butchered pork will be coming his way. 😃🐖🐖

We enjoyed lunch with the crew after the razing was done - chili, cornbread, and applesauce.  Here's a shot of these lovely lumberjacks!  Counterclockwise - Bonnie, Ron, Nathan, Nick and Brian - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I had some nerdy fun making these goody bags as a small thank-you to our helpers.  It was chocolate bark candy embedded with ginger snaps, orange cranberries, and almonds.  Thank you Pinterest for the corny sentiment on the tags!

We have lived here for only one year, and the community that has surrounded us since the first days has been a thing of dreams.  We are grateful.
 “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” C.S. Lewis

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