November 21, 2016

Ruffling Feathers

Our chickens are getting bigger all the time and have such funny personalities!  There are definitely pushy ones, loners, and instigators.  It's nice having the coop close to the house so we can be entertained. Their coloring is getting quite exotic now, and a couple of them look like they're wearing goat hair boots. 🐐  And yes, Malcolm does have them eating out of his hand - ha!

This is how they looked when we first got them. Can't wait to see what color the eggs are, but the money is on blue.  Malcolm set two fake eggs in the nesting boxes to try and encourage the activity, but we're still a little ways out with these relative babies.

The ducky girls are quite healthy and broad in the beam. They are also pushy, greedy, and messy, but still too cute. They also bless us with at least a dozen eggs a week - just the two of them! They started coming into the garden with me this fall, and it took them no time to find and devour countless slugs.  Now... if they just hadn't trampled my little pumpkins in the process! 🎃 Those webbed feet are more than a bit clumsy.

While clearing out the garden this fall, we threw a couple of whole Brussels sprouts stalks into the run and it was a mob scene.  Bird candy. The next day it was a bare stem. I love the way garden food goes from being our food, to chicken food, to our food again.  🍳

This past Friday, we helped some friends slaughter about 85 meat birds.  It was a lot of fun in spite of it being one of the coldest days we've had in a while. 🍃🍃🍃 Here's Elya with some of her flock.

Their 7-year-old cutie pie was catching chickens like a boss!!

My hubby and Nathan manning the de-feathering machine. If you read the last blog, he's the guy who felled our trees. 🌲
Here's part of the processing crew of family and friends.  Lots of laughter seasoned the tasks.  Doing purposeful, satisfying work - what better way to spend a day! 👌

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