November 9, 2016

Our Little Piggy Went to Market

Meet Pork and Beans. 😋 Our friends have been raising these pigs since early this year, and one of them is ours - errrr was ours. Slaughter day was yesterday, and now we wait for our custom butcher order to be ready. Bacon...bacon, bacon. We're getting the hocks as well as some other more unusual parts so we can make tasty, rich, nourishing stocks and bone broths.  We'll also be getting lard to render - don't want any of this pig to go to waste!  I'm not going so far as making head cheese, so for those concerned that we've once again gone down a strange road with our lives, we do have a couple of limits left. 🐖😉 Liver, jowls, and leaf lard are in this next pic.
But we're getting ahead of the story with this picture of parts - ha!   Andal's Custom Meats came to our friend's home with their mobile slaughtering unit and in no time had taken care of 2 cows and the 2 pigs.  Very efficient and fascinating to watch them work.  Not nearly as gory or messy as you might imagine.  These men were amazingly skilled and efficient- and funny. 😁 Here are some shots of the process. First the cows.  Once they had the carcass cut up, we had a new visual for what it means when we buy a quarter of a cow. 🐮

Next were the piggies.  They were much quicker to process. Ours is on the right, in case you wondered!  And that white blob on the ground is the stomach, still full of grass and other goodies - kind of yuck I know, but also fascinating.

Next, we get to tell the butcher what cuts we want.  We were happy to find out that they use a minimal amount of preservatives in their bacon and ham.  It will be so nice to have this awesome pork in our freezer!  Thank you to the farmer for all the hard work to raise and spoil these animals for the last months. ♥

Here is the farmer and the farmer's wife. 💟 Aren't they cute?!

Oh, the ways we have been blessed since coming to this island! 

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