January 8, 2016

The Eagle Has Landed

Isn't this bird majestic?  So beautiful...EXCEPT when it lands on one of the posts of your chicken coop!!!!!!  That was what happened this morning and we were awakened by the ringing of chicken screams - poor girls!  This photo was taken near our house, but not by us.  Our visitor was about 2 feet high - enormous bird. There is a lake near us where eagles hang out, and we've seen them flying overhead and heard their oddly sweet chirping-  examples of eagle chirps.

photo credit GWessels Oak Harbor, WA

The eagle took off as we fumbled to get our drapes open, the locks off the slider, and scramble for the camera!  The eagle kind of looked back at us, and all of our spastic flailing, as if to say, "What's your problem over there?" And then it swooped away into the trees.  It was way cooler than us.

We weren't overly concerned about the safety of our chickens since the previous owners saw fit to put this net over the entire coop.  It's not the most charming look, but it sure does the trick - at least this time around!

This is my girl Loulou - she's my favorite :)  She was named after the song "Lou, Lou Skip to My Lou", because every time I go out to the coop she comes skipping out to see me ♥  She had a lot to say to me when I went out to visit them after the eagle incident.  They were all chatting away actually!

So here's a parting question for you chicken people - there are lots of other animals that come around here, like dogs, deer, other birds, and the girls have no reaction, so how do they instinctively know that this bird was interested in a meal? Animals are fascinating.

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