April 2, 2012

102 Birthdays

My lovely, lovely grandmother turned 102 this past Friday!  What an amazing blessing to celebrate it with her.  Three of her four children were there to celebrate with her, plus their spouses. My husband came with me, her oldest grandchild.  Various cousins, nieces, etc. were there too, as well as life long friends.  They love to tell how long they've known her and share memories of times past.  My grandmother has lived in her tiny Iowa town for 98 years!  When I think of how many places I've lived in half as many years, I wonder which of us had the right idea!

Isn't she beautiful?!  In her quiet, determined way, I know she has touched many people over the years.  She started out as a teacher in a one room school house, raised 4 successful adults, largely on her own after she was widowed at a very young age. She worked many years at the local K-12 school, and had a loving second marriage of 25+ years before being widowed again.  I have so many cherished memories of visiting Grandma when I was growing up.  To my siblings - remember fishing in cow ponds with her, Archway cookies in her cookie jar, bologna sandwiches always on hand, and everyone in town knowing our names?!  I am so blessed to still be making memories with her.  When I was leaving the party she told me she loved me, then she paused and so earnestly said "and I've always loved you".  I've always loved her too.  I thank God for her 102 amazing years.

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  1. Such wonderful memories! She certainly doesn't look like she's 102 years old!