March 2, 2012

Still Eating from the Garden!

We're still here!  Still enjoying goodies from our garden - bell peppers, pickles, pesto - and getting ready for the 2012 garden.  Malcolm, my husband, has already started our onions and eggplant seeds.  Why has it been so long since my last post?  I wish I had a good answer for that.  I started a part-time job a little over a year ago, and the longer I worked there, the more I lost my ability to "chat" about what was going on around the garden and kitchen.  I recently resigned from that job, and seem to have my voice again.  I have a few lingering apprehensions for some reason, including a concern that the tenor of my blog is a little bit Pollyanna at times, but I'm just going to go with it (because that's the legitimate me) and hope you still enjoy! 

Here's a glimpse of what's gone on in our lives since the last post in April 2011:

1. Our daughter graduated from college with a degree in Chemistry-Biology-Secondary Education - she's most of the way through her first year of teaching and it's been quite a ride for her!
Em and two terrific friends helping to celebrate graduation day!

2. We took a trip to Maine to celebrate the graduation, and visit dear friends.  We enjoyed an amazing week in a darling beach house.

 What are these crazy people looking for???

THIS!! - amazing sea glass.  Our little beach was loaded!

What are these people so happy about?

Maybe they're happy about this huge bowl of lobster served at the open house - lobster roll style!

3. We took a trip to IKEA in Minneapolis to buy furniture for our girl's apartment and moved her into her apartment on the same adventure - exhausting and fun!
 The girl was understandably worried about the final register tally!

4. We visited the Iowa State Fair.

 We ate our share of food on a stick and also had the pleasure of watching a young fiddler friend compete!

5. We enjoyed a fairly successful gardening season, though tomatoes were almost a complete bust - agh!
This was my favorite new veg - a purple striped eggplant.

 You can see a cantaloupe in one bucket. That was what the latest pests, i.e. possums, went for last fall.  We trapped a few but not before they destroyed quite a few melons - ohhhhh the country life.

6. Malcolm and I completed our Master Gardener course, and we're now acquiring our service hours to become full fledged MG's!

7.  We hosted another big Reformation Day celebration at our home - complete with a great bonfire.

8.  We traveled to Colorado for Thanksgiving and held a bridal shower for my niece - the first of "the girls" to get married.

9.  We traveled back to Colorado for the New Year's Eve wedding of my niece - a lovely wedding and a time with family that was an amazing blessing.

10. Last but not least  - Malcolm and I both turned a year older - woohoo!  Hopefully we're both a little wiser and more importantly, walk a little closer to God each day we're here. feels good to be back ♥


  1. Welcome back cousin! I'm so happy you have found your voice again. I've missed reading/seeing what you've been up to. Love getting caught up in pictures since I haven't seen you for a while. Can't wait to read more!


  2. Welcome back! I'm jealous of your stay at the Maine beach house and sea glasses are gorgeous. I have never knew such thing existed. I would love to find some someday.

  3. It is good to have your Blog back! You are a very creative writer and your photos are always eye-appealing, to say the least! Love to read you.

  4. Glad to have you back!!
    Dad & Shirley