March 7, 2012

Last Summer's Garden Goodies

I'm going back over pictures from the 2011 garden produce and thought I'd post a few things that may inspire you in your gardening this year.  I think it sometimes takes a little mental pumping up to get us going in the spring when it's time to plan ahead for those lovely tomatoes and green beans.  Otherwise we end up with no seeds or seedlings because the garden centers and mail order companies are picked over!

 In the fall of 2010 we planted a number of different kinds of raspberries and blackberries.  Some are summer producers and some fall producers.  These berries pictured were part of a very small crop we got last summer, and we don't know quite what to expect this year, since there was a blight on some of the canes.  Our Master Gardener program gave us a little insight and we'll start treating the canes as soon as we see the first signs of life out there!  Learning, always learning.

Our asparagus patch was a little better this year, but again, this past fall we learned more about how to manage asparagus and encourage growth.  I'm not sure why growing this has been such a puzzle to us, but maybe we'll get it right now!  It's one of my favorite vegetables. One of the things we brought home from our trip to Maine was this blood orange flavored olive oil.  We drizzle the asparagus with this and some balsamic vinegar, and roast it in the oven at 450 degrees until it's crisp tender.  Fantastic!

This is one of the few pics I took of our completed garden last summer.  I blogged briefly about the rock we hauled into half of the garden, landscape fabric we laid, and the new square foot beds we installed.  It was a monumental project, but very satisfying.  We're considering putting down black plastic under the patch that grows pumpkins and some melons.  Now is the time to plan these kinds of garden tasks as well, since doing them in the July heat really stinks!

We harvested fantastic green beans and some very nice potatoes, though potatoes were not in the numbers we had hoped.  But we're not discouraged, and we'll plant them again this year for sure.  Four of our new square foot beds are double deep for the purpose of growing potatoes, carrots and anything else that needs a deep space. I revived an old-fashioned recipe that simply boils the beans, potatoes and some bacon together. There is really nothing fancier that could compete!

It was a banner basil year and we're still enjoying the pesto, which is in the freezer in these small containers.  It's just enough to top a pizza and a nice change from tomato sauce.

I'll stop here, but more to come.  Time to get revved up for gardening!


  1. I love the raised beds. And I'm sure the weed control is much better. I would love to do that to our garden, but then we couldn't easily disc it up with the tractor. I don't know if we'll have much of a garden this year...


  2. My gosh! Beautiful garden and I'm so jealous of all the fresh veggies you got.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your nice comments! Holly I hope you do have some garden - what would you do without all those buckets and buckets of tomaotes?! Chenni, you can come down for your personalized CSA anytime you want to!