March 17, 2012

Green for St. Patrick's Day!

Our book club read this charming book this month in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  It's the story of a young couple who moved to the small town of Kilmihil Parish, Ireland.  The book chronicles their lives as they nestle into this community - charming!

I'm now reading another book about Ireland on my Kindle Fire - which has a very green cover!

This book is about a storyteller in Ireland in 1951.  The 11% tag indicates that I've read that much of the book, and so far, it's quite good.

Our final nod to this holiday is cooking away in our crock-pot.  It smells heavenly!  Trader Joe's sells this traditional choice without the nitrates and nitrites added.  Much better choice in my opinion.

Almost overnight, things got very, very green around our house!  The jonquils had already begun to pop, but many more things have come to life.  It's so exciting to watch it all revive itself when it has looked so dead for months!

Our roses have canes that are greening up, and little leaves are popping out already. Last fall we tried a new method, which didn't involve cutting them back to just a couple of feet high.  For the most part it looks like they're fine all the way up the long canes.  Time will tell.

The Iris are pushing through.  I have a goal to cut more of them and get them inside for enjoyment this summer.

This is one of two Barberry bushes that I would have sworn were goners, but overnight they both sprouted leaves and more leaves!!  Nice to know that our bargain bushes purchased at the autumn nursery sales weren't a waste of time and money - yay!

And now for a picture of one of my all time favorites - my lilac bush burst into green buds overnight as well!  This bush has the most amazing flowers - which you see in the header of the blog. They too will be in a vase on the dining room table before you know it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day - enjoy the green!


  1. Happy St. Patty's Day! I love spring. I was just noticing the tulips and day lilies leaves are sprouting up. Now if the wind would just stop blowing....


  2. Oh the wind...makes those spring garden projects a little trying :)