April 5, 2011

Spring Break

My Spring Break has been only from the blog!  Many things have been happening in the past three weeks, not the least of which was my grandmother's 101st birthday party!

It was heartwarming to watch her and my father chatting together.

She had a wonderful visit with all of her guests, and in typical fashion she gave a little speech after she had opened her gifts and cards. She is priceless, and a gentle, lovely soul.

When my dad was here for my grandmother's birthday, he brought along a few family heirlooms for me.  One of them was his Bible that was given to him in his church when he entered the Army.  It has joined my husband's father's Bible in a place of honor in our home.

Spring has continued to bless us with wonderful sights and  sounds.  The peepers at our pond are in high pitch, and the bullfrogs are answering back in deep tones that vibrate all the way across the yard.  Geese are landing on the pond daily and we have hopes that they will nest permanently. Redwing Blackbirds are back reserving their nesting spots on the reeds, Bluebirds are visiting the nesting boxes on our fence, and the Cardinals and other bright birds are constant at our feeders.  These things make lovely excuses for staring out the window for long stretches!

Our neighbor's horses have been boarded elsewhere all winter, and it's a delight to have them in the field behind us again!  There are two extra this year.  They are beautiful to watch, and the way they interact with the herds of deer that wander through each night is very entertaining!

With Easter coming around, I've broken out the decorations and have the house filled with bunnies and chicks.

These bunny Peeps made an appearance at a recent missions bake sale. When I get into the zone, I can't stop myself!

And speaking of being in the zone, this guy made a dive into this huge garden project.  We decided to place landscape fabric and pea gravel in some areas of the garden to make it less "weedy", and give an overall neat appearance.  My DH worked a little TOO hard for his first time at bat this spring, but he's making a fast recovery!  He has a lot of big projects up his sleeve, and no doubt will be in fine form in no time at all!