March 15, 2011

Spring in our Step!

So many lovely signs of what's just around the corner!  We think these are daffodils, or maybe jonquils?  No matter what they are, they will be very welcome.

Thanks to Costco, we have instant spring blooms in the house.  These two begonia plants came in a very nice basket, and eventually I'll set them out on the porch for the summer.  The price was really reasonable and I've learned from experience to get these kinds of plants when I see them, and not wait until I think I'm ready for them!

Another nice spring bonus are fresh farm eggs from chickens who have just started laying. One of the women I work with has been so generous to bring in these eggs to share!  I love all the colors, especially this greenish egg. What a lovely surprise to see the pale blue interior when I cracked it open!

Maybe the thing that put the spring in our step the most this week, was the gratifying site of these seedlings, which have sprung to life in no time at all.  Since my last posting, we've seen very encouraging growth in many of our seeds.  Maybe the most encouraging being the sprouting of the seeds that my husband saved from ripe fruits two years ago.  He was given some very nice heirloom tomato seeds in the past, and now he's had the experience of planting, growing, harvesting, saving seeds, and planting again.  What a beautiful thing!

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