February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, I've been whining about needing sunshine, and today we got some - never mind that it came after a blizzard! It was a doozy, but we have nothing to complain about since we didn't lose power and neither of us had to go to work. DH worked from home, and the dentist I work for had lots of cancellations and didn't want her employees out on the drifted roads. She's a good egg that way. There's a lot to appreciate about a snow day. It really is beautiful when the sun comes out and plays off the marshmallow landscape.

And on snow days I certainly appreciate having this cute man around, who is always willing to clear the driveway and sidewalk! Don't you love this furry hat that our DD picked out for him for Christmas?!

That same man also came up with this thoughtful idea to warm up my snow boots that had been left in my car. Can you see the heat register under the cupboard there? It certainly did the trick!

And of course on snow days it's a bonus to make a pot of warm soup. This is Roasted Tomato Tortilla Soup , and you can find the recipe on my recipe page by clicking on the link. I just revised and revamped the recipe, and I think it's better than ever!

To our friends and family in Colorado, Illinois, and Maine where the weather is still frightful, or where our storm is on the way - we're praying for you, and warmer days ahead! And for our family in Alaska, well...spring is coming soon!


  1. Love the hat! Both boys have rabbit-lined bomber hats that they love. They sometimes even get hot playing out in the snow when they are wearing them. We'll have to send you pictures!