January 12, 2011

Where's the Beef?

Ours is just around the corner from us on this farm!

This retired doc is now raising cattle as a hobby and part of his herd is grass-fed. That's what we ordered from him and had processed right here in town. You can't get much more "local" than this! And one of the best parts of buying local is getting to know the people who grow your food. People in our part of the world are very chatty too!

And the cows are pretty friendly too - probably because they don't know why we're there!

This is a butcher right in town. You can see they've been around a while. We've gotten our bulk meat purchases from several different lockers, and each one seems to have their own style of cutting the meat as well as packaging it. In all cases the butcher calls and asks how you'd like your meat to be cut - do you want more hamburger or stew meat?, how many people in your family?( so they know the number of steaks to package together), and the special question - do you want the tongue?!! Uhh, no thanks - maybe next time! I have nothing against eating tongue meat, but the idea of preparing it is beyond my comfort zone!

This locker labels their meat very clearly and has a double wrap of plastic under the paper - much nicer when it comes to thawing it out!

And this label has me particularly excited! Our previous half-of-half-a-cow purchases didn't include the brisket. This was once a very cheap piece of meat to buy, but thanks to the way it's been popularized by TV chefs, it's value has increased. So arbitrary, isn't it? Here's a recipe link from Ellie Krieger for sweet and sour brisket that may just be the one we use for this nice piece of beef.

Next to market will be a little piggy with our name on it. Mmmmm....


  1. I'm really tempted to buy our meat like this too. I think we need to get a deep freezer first. I'm always afraid we won't use up all the meat. We do use a lot of ground beef.

  2. Used freezers are usually easy to find, and this time of year there should be some pretty good deals on new ones. You could always share an order of beef with someone if you thought it would be too much, and you can also tell the butcher how much ground beef you want. The nice thing is that the more expensive cuts of meat end up costing way less than if you bought them at the store! If you get your beef from our neighbor, then you could come here for a meal too!

  3. If we ever decide to get one, I will need you to be my guide. I don't know what to say and cattle buying lingo.