January 14, 2011

Ingredients for a Happy Day

Start with a surprise package from a far away friend. Pictured here is a bar of "felted" soap. She made this - she is a very clever crafter on top of all her other talents! The wool is your scrubber in the shower and it shrinks down with the soap bar. In the package were also jars of lovely jellies made from things they grow in their garden. The grape jelly smells like the freshest grape juice you'd ever imagine, and I'm happy they didn't tear out their grape vines!

Continue the day with phone calls, emails, facebook wishes, e-cards (the kind from your kiddo that make you cry happy tears!), and even some real cards in the mail! Three of the phone calls included singing, and the most infamous has to be from my baby sister, who called the wrong number and sang to a stranger. That wouldn't have been too bad except that she used my goofy nickname in the song - jillypoo - and she didn't believe the woman when she was told she had dialed the wrong number! We have a rather sarcastic family sense of humor and she thought it was me being a wise acre, by telling her she had the wrong number! At least we know that she made some woman named Peggy, roll on the floor laughing!!!

Continue the day admiring the pretty flowers that your very thoughtful hubby brought you.

Admire too your newly repaired favorite bracelet that DH retrieved from the jeweler. It came from my MIL and it only took us 15 years to get it fixed!

Then, look forward to using other thoughtful gifts, like this replacement for one of my favorite Le Creuset pans that recently sprung a chip in the enamel. We purchased three at an outlet store in Maine a number of years ago, and though we saved in price by getting "imperfects", we took a gamble on whether or not they'd last as long as the regulars. Now there are lots of other companies competing with that well established brand and we'll see if they're as good.

Toward the end of the day, enjoy your favorite cake - mine being this pineapple upside down cake - so, so delicious. For many years, I've used an old recipe for "Dinette Batter Cake" from the Betty Crocker Cookbook whenever we wanted this treat. My new spin this year was using coconut oil in place of shortening. The nutritional contest between these two is not even close, and the flavor in this cake was outstanding.

The last ingredient for a happy day is a beautiful sunset, leading to an overflowing heart. Thanks to all of you who added ingredients to the day!


  1. Awww, Jill. It makes me grateful, too, to read your blog. Thanks so much for reminding me of the little things to be thankful for. I really loved the sunset pix. It does make me miss the country.

  2. You are so welcome and thanks for your nice comments! We need to reschedule your visit out here to the country!

  3. Our Calphalon enamel cast iron has bunch of chips inside. You can see the inner iron part. It was from a long ago when we forgot we had curry in there. It stuck so bad and smelled awful. We continued to use it and so far hasn't gotten sick. But I think I need to get a new one soon because it's just not as pretty.

  4. The enamel pot in this picture is Food Network's brand. I actually will use it for the first time today, so hopefully it will perform as well as the Le Creuset!