January 30, 2011

In Need of a Little Sunshine

We've had so much flat, white light this winter, and I'm craving a little sunshine! We have family that have evacuated their own winter scenes for AZ, FL, and Caribbean cruises, and maybe that's what has us craving the same! In all fairness, we have have had some open invitations for warmer climes, but it's just not in the cards this year.

Two years ago we took a trip to Hawaii, and that was quite a cure for the winter blahs! However, that's hardly in the realm of possibilities on a yearly basis, so as a band-aid I'll sometimes reach for this cookbook that we brought back from Hawaii, and cook up a little island cuisine!

This was my most recent choice, though clearly I wasn't able to purchase any Opakapaka in Iowa! I could buy Alaskan, wild-caught cod fillets from Trader Joe's, and that was a fine substitute.

The only change I made to the recipe was adding two teaspoons of natural cane sweetener to the marinade. I actually made the marinade in the morning and popped it into the fridge so that it was ready for the final prep.

I added a colorful salad to the fish and rice and had a nice, sunny meal. The salad has orange segments in it, as well as long shreds of carrot, and red onion sliced on a mandoline slicer, which helps keep the flavor nice and mild. I had a poppy seed dressing on hand, which worked nicely.

And one more bit of sunshine we brought home - good Hawaiian coffee, also from Trader Joe's. Just about transports me there - just about! Hope you have a sunny day, or at least a sunny outlook!

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