January 19, 2011

For the Birds

Since we had a live tree this year, I repeated what we did two years ago, and decorated it for the birds. We had a lovely Concolor fir this year and it went out to our deck after Christmas, where it was tied to the railings by my DH. Then I started making birdy treats!

I used some suet packets we normally use with our metal cage style suet feeders. I cut them into smaller squares to get started on the first ornaments.

Then I pilfered the netting from some red onions and clementines. This too was cut into smaller pieces.

The final product was secured with twist ties and is ready to go.

The next ingredients were some slightly around-the-bend oranges, that had also suffered a freeze in our second fridge, which lives in the garage. In the most brutal winter temps, it's not wise to store produce out there!

Once I sliced them, they looked much fresher than I imagined they would. I used twist ties on these as well and they were done in a flash.

The classic popcorn and cranberry string was a very appealing choice, since the 8-year-old who devoured every Little House on the Prairie book is still living inside me! I used the end of a spool of carpet thread, and that made a very sturdy garland.

I liked the effect very much and hope the birds find it and enjoy!

It's nice to look out on the deck in these dreary days and see something so cheerful. Once the birds start making regular visits, it will be even more pleasing. The new picture of the bluebird in the header of the blog is from our 2009 tree, and it was one of many birds that visited that year.

My husband took this picture and he really liked the view of the bird tree with the deer in the snowy background. I, on the other hand, saw this and thought about whether or not those greedy critters would have enough nerve to come up on the deck and eat the decorations right off of it, and then finish off the tree too!! I need to get a more positive outlook for sure!


  1. Jill, What a clever idea! This had never occured to me. Do you have problems with squirrels stealing the food? When we lived on the farm, we had NO squirrels! It was nice to not have to worry about the birds' food being stolen. Here, however, it is another story. There are more squirrels than people by about a 5:1 ratio, I think. I really don't like those critters, but I would rather have them than the dang coons that always seemed to be around the farm. Trade offs, I guess. Thanks for some great photos, too.

  2. Hey There! You know we don't have any squirrels out here either and it's a good thing since we are not above a little violence towards those rodents! We got worn out battling them in Maine and Colorado. Raccoons out here are very clever, but our multi-stringed garden fence helps keep them out. Now those deer...

  3. Great idea. Wish I had a real tree to recycle.

  4. Maybe check with your neighbors if they wouldn't think you were eccentric for asking for their used tree! :)