December 1, 2010

Maine Time

It's already Dec. 2nd and time to turn on the Christmas! I need to change the look of the blog for the season, but not until I post the pics from our Thanksgiving trip to Maine. It was wonderful in every way - well the TSA experience for my husband was a little too friendly, but other than that, all was very good!

Here's what we did...
Thanksgiving Day we started with brunch, and these kids thought it was high time to get started!

Then at mid-afternoon, we had just a little more food to sustain us.

Mmmm...this was Brie baked with almonds and cranberries - just so we wouldn't fade away before the main meal.

In between feeds, some of the little and big boys played a game of Koob. It's described on the link as a traditional Viking game. It involves throwing batons in order to try and knock over your opponents koobs, and then knock over the king piece in the middle. It reminded me a little of chess. My DH plans to make our own set as it was really enjoyable.

Now, back to the eating.

The turkey came from Trader Joe's, pre-brined and delicious. I still like putting sage under the skin and more went inside, along with apple and onion. So tasty!

This guy carved, as usual. He borrowed an apron from our friends' youngest son, and it's embellished with a declaration that this is a "MANLY MAN'S" apron - ha!

And then there was the rest of the food, just your everyday fare like sour cream mashed potatoes, orange-zested green beans, stuffing with apples and sausage, and an amazingly innovative cranberry sauce made with raspberry beer - OH so good! I forgot to photograph the pies, which is a shame since my friend J is a wonderful pie baker. Two of the pies were made from pumpkins they grew, and another was an Iowa favorite of her husband, which was a sour cream raisin pie with meringue topping - don't judge yet, just try it sometime, because it was awesome!

We spent time with old friends and made new friends. The littlest beautiful blond in this photo is a new friend, and she thoroughly charmed us! At one point I gave her my camera and she went to town. Not bad for a toddler!


You can tell that this little one's picture-taking escapades delighted everyone! We had another photographer take pictures of our DD while in Maine. She's Bonnie Harrison, and looking through her photos on her website is a treat. She's an amazing professional photographer, with a very humble spirit, and she's a friend who has taken photos for us before, and was kind enough to fit us in while we were visiting. More on this later!

We were so blessed by wonderful music and singing that day as well! Our friend J is a concert violist and I had been longing to hear her play again. These two ladies were fantastic!

The day came to a close with a flurry of men in the kitchen, cleaning up the aftermath - a beautiful thing..

and final conversations and good-byes. A day for gratitude in every sense.

And now, how do you think we started the next day???
Eating of course! Thanksgiving leftovers qualify as proper breakfast when you put them on a cranberry bagel - right?!

This picture reminds me of a certain style of joke - How many men does it take to figure out how to use a milk frother?!!!

Later in the day we made this clam chowder pizza, which you can see being made in this Hulu video of a "Chef's Kitchen" episode, that just happened to be one of the episodes that highlighted the amazing oil paintings of our friend Jonathan Eiten!

We ended our time with these dear people at a restaurant of course! Here, their oldest son is power-eating his waffles, but he was eating those only to balance out his bacon consumption - oink, oink!
We had a last chance to cuddle and play games.

And capture one last photo of this dear couple and their goofy, wonderful boys! You can see the three of us looking at them in the reflection in the window. This came just before the tearful goodbye - they filled up our hearts and made us glad!

Before our plane departed for home, we had the chance to visit the Old Port in downtown Portland. It's gotten even more charming since we left and the shopping is just as nice as the scenery!
The stores held some delightful things like these "stained glass" earrings.

And yes, we did eat more! Lobster was an essential and my DH thought he'd better play it safe and get two!

Our DD had a good visit with one of her best friends. The lighthouse in these shots is unofficially known as "Plug Light" because of it's resemblance to a spark plug. It's actually Spring Point Ledge Light Station and the "windows" in this wall nearby the light are part of the structure of Fort Prebble.

Goodbye until next time Maine. We thank you Lord for all the ways you changed and blessed our family while living there, and again with our Thanksgiving visit.
"I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness." John 12:46


  1. Thank you! We love this and love you guys!

  2. I wanted to try the TJ's turkey, but we got a free one from work. I want to try their stuffings next year. they were all sold out when I got there. I used Julia Child's recipe for the turkey. Basically just lemon slices, celery hears, and onion. The turkey turned out really moist. I think the acid from the lemon helped tenderizing the meat.

  3. Mmmm...that's sounds really good Chenni! We used TJ's turkey gravy too and it was great. I'm officially addicted to that store!