December 11, 2010

Christmas Countdown 2010 - #3

More Christmas tasks were accomplished this week.
The cards are mailed. It seems like an archaic practice, but there is still something nice about receiving hand written notes, and even Christmas letters and pictures from people we don't see often. Each year when I go through my list and address book, I'm amazed at how much people's lives change in a year.

Our post office is full of beautiful vintage mail boxes. Look on E-bay if you want to know how collectible these are - good grief it's amazing what people purchase!

Packages are mailed too. Some years it seems like the right thing to do to order everything online and have it mailed, but for some reason this year it felt better to pick things out and mail them off. I have great childhood memories of receiving packages from our relatives with mystery gifts inside. Those boxes held everything from hand-crocheted Christmas wreaths to Batman horns for bikes!

In a couple of those boxes that we mailed were some cookies called Ginger Thins.
This is what the dough block looks like before it goes into the freezer for a little while. After freezing it gets cut into very thin slices, sprinkled with sugar, and baked.

There are certain people in our family who are slightly addicted to these, and you know who you are. You'll have to let us know if they arrived in nice little stacks or stacks of crumbs!

Something that WE received in the mail was an early Christmas present from my mom. New pans! Look at these lovelies.
They are hard anodized pans, which have enough weight to keep the food from scorching and the non-stick is excellent. I know we could have waited to open the pans, but then we'd have missed out on the enjoyment of using them for all the holiday meals - that's my justification!

With all of this said, it's important to note that our spirit of giving reaches beyond the "toys" purchased for one another at Christmas time. This season heightens our awareness of the need all around us, and that's a good effect. Whether you choose local ministries, our brave soldiers and their families, or a world-wide project, I pray that your heart will be blessed and the Lord will be glorified by your gifts!

"Go, tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born."
John W. Work 1865


  1. Thank you Jill for the card and lovely note. We would love to come visit. May have wait a little because of the weathet. May have to wait until Christmas. I know Eli would love running around in your great backyard. Also, if you ever come to town, say to trader joes, let me know if you wanna meet for lunch. Merry Christmas. (we are so bad, never send any Christmas card. We love revieving though. =)

  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip to KC. I know they will love having you guys and the boys with them. We will plan for after Christmas and I will certainly remember to call for lunch! Merry Christmas!