December 7, 2010

Christmas Countdown 2010 - #1

It's already the second week in Advent and just a little snow has been flying around our frozen pond. Last year I did a countdown in December, blogging about what I was doing for Christmas preparation each week, and it kept me motivated to get tasks accomplished and excited about all the aspects I love about the season. So once goes!

As you can read from the sign above, we visited a nearby tree farm. We kind of alternate between a live tree and a fake one. Today I heard some new trivia about the ritual of cutting down a tree for Christmas. Cutting it down and then raising it back up is symbolic of the resurrection?? Anyone else ever heard that?

Above the rack of saws, they had a nice sign to help you identify the different kinds of trees.

With the rather dull saw and a tree cart, we set out in the wind and cold, and I mean wind chill of 18 kind of cold. Never fails for us when we go tree hunting! We trekked out down the hill, up a ridge, back down, back up the other side and of course, the one we finally decided on was about 25 feet from the car!
Here's the part of the tree harvesting experience that involves the man getting to lay down on the frozen ground and crawl under the tree in order to wrench his back while hacking through the trunk - fun stuff! This is a Concolor fir, with slightly blue tinge to the needles, and it smells like pine and an orange grove combined. Just lovely!

We hauled it back to the barn where it went through the netting machine, kind of a violent process!

Then it goes on the measuring block - this one 61/2 feet tall.

Then onto the car and home, blanket flapping all the way and cars in rush hour behind us with little patience for those people driving too slowly - Ho, Ho, Ho!

Here it is inside, decorating in progress. It is truly one of our favorite trees in many years.

Hope your home is looking merry and bright! "Come, Thou long expected Jesus
Born to set Thy people free..." Wesley 1745

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