November 8, 2010

Let us Give Thanks for Lettuce!

I know I'm being a total dork for being so excited about the fact that we still have lettuce growing in November, but I can't help myself! If you've had the disappointment of bringing home a plastic tub of organic lettuce that didn't stay fresh more than two days after you laid out too much money for it - then maybe you get excited about this idea too!

To go out and peel back the translucent plastic, that has been protecting it from 24 degree nights and CONSTANT cold winds, and harvest it for dinner, is just a thrill. Not the thrill up the leg that certain reporters who are now under investigation get - not that kind. But instead a deep satisfaction at the way a garden works and the amazing ways that God provides for our needs.

This weekend we enjoyed a Thanksgiving fellowship meal at our church and I took a lettuce salad that was harvest themed. I didn't snap a photo of it because that seemed a little over the top in the church kitchen - though I already know that my church family would not have minded in the least! The salad consisted of a layer of lettuce...

topped with sliced, fresh pearssectioned, fresh orange slicessliced almonds

and this cranberry salad dressing...

This was a really nice dressing, which starts like a fresh cranberry-orange sauce, and gets pushed through a sieve. I added walnut oil too. The recipe is here.

One more thing to be thankful for - TRADER JOE'S OPENED IN WEST DES MOINES - yeah, yeah, yeah! We went there this weekend and it was a mob scene, but an orderly one I must admit. Shelves were literally bare in some parts of the store. You think maybe people here were ready for this store to open??!!

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