November 12, 2010

Berry Patch Dreams

Look what came in the mail this week! In these spindly looking plants lie dreams of raspberries and blackberries pouring out of our garden next year - maybe? They arrived from a very pleasant grower in Indiana named Keith. His business is called Backyard Berry Plants and he specializes in organic berry plants. It's a very old fashioned business without online ordering or credit card options. You print out your own order form, calculate your own shipping charges, and send your check. And the lack of modern purchasing practices is more than balanced by very personal and efficient customer service.

This is the fall bearing raspberry plant called Himbo Top. The fall bearing aspect might be obvious since it arrived with these beautiful berries attached! I never realized until this year that there were fall bearing raspberries, but through our food co-op we had some that were out of this world.

We purchased two Royalty Purple Raspberry plants and they will ripen in early summer. These are said to be quite prolific and quite large berries, a cross between a red raspberry and a blackberry. I love the fall foliage colors in these plants! You'll notice my hardworking hubbie in the background there, digging holes to plant these beauties while I'm snapping photos of them! Let's see now, I'll justify this by saying that I'll be the one freezing and processing the berries when they appear - yep that's a good balance I think!

The last plant we bought is a blackberry called Triple Crown. It's a prolific producer and thorn-free - ahh! It typically is ready to harvest from July to August. If we've chosen well and providence is on our side, we could have a nice long berry season.

This tangle is part of our developing asparagus bed. We cut it all back this week and really hope that it will produce next year. An asparagus bed takes a few years to get it's act together, but oh my the payoff. It would be so lovely to have fresh asparagus that didn't cost 5.99 a pound!

The garden is put to bed now. The last of the lettuce and greens were harvested - aren't you relieved that I won't post about those anymore!! And as my DH said on the way into the house just before sunset, "It's almost time to start ordering seeds for next year." For now I'll enjoy the beautiful season upon us."The exuberance of spring is over, and the rich ripeness of summer is gone. The extravagant beauty of October fades into the sober hue of November, and once more the trees will lift intricate patterns of dark branches against a soft pale sky."
Gladys Taber - Country Chronicle, 1974

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