October 23, 2010

Still Harvesting!

These gorgeous fall vegetables have come to us this week from our food coop! We've had a very warm and fairly dry autumn in Iowa, and the growing season has been nicely prolonged. In case you don't recognize that leafy green in the picture, it's kale. Specifically "Winterbore" kale from The Homestead farm, which is an amazing place that combines farming and caring for those with autism. It's an inspiring read, so I encourage you to click on the link. I plan to make an Italian soup with the kale, and I'll post that recipe in a couple of days.

Another harvest source, recently discovered, is this self-serve vegetable cart which is just a few miles from us. We passed it on the way home from our visit to our daughter, and even though I was on the phone with my mother at the time, I still caught the "fresh eggs" sign and asked my DH to turn around and go back! We've now visited them twice and they're on our radar for sure.

These gorgeous fall tomatoes were on the cart along with some lovely green peppers and pumpkins. The eggs we purchased were small, probably from new layers, but so fresh and good. This cart is operated on the honor system. You pick what you want, add up what you owe, and slide your money into the slot in a collection box. Gotta love it.

Our favorite source for harvest, as always, is our own garden. We still have the most beautiful lettuce and tatsoi greens growing. These two bags in the picture are ready to give to friends tomorrow. DH has also taken a number of bags of greens into his office for giveaway. Nice side benefit!

Some of those tatsoi greens went into a quiche recently. We realized that the flavor of these greens is a nice cross between a spinach and a collard green flavor. I have an asparagus quiche recipe over on the recipe page. I just substituted the greens for the asparagus, and added some chopped sun-dried tomatoes and sliced red onion. This recipe, as with most of the ones I post, is adaptable to just about any combination you can imagine.

Cool weather, comfort food, it's time!

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