October 27, 2010


We've been thoroughly enjoying cooking with all of our fall harvest. Here's the soup I mentioned in the last post. I used some beautiful kale in this soup, along with newly harvested potatoes, organic Italian sausage, and organic no-nitrate bacon - all from our food coop, all from local sources and Iowa producers. The recipe is at this link.

This little surprise came from our compost bin! We picked it thinking it was not quite ripe, but also thinking that the frost would get it soon. It stayed in the kitchen for about a week, since neither of us was quite brave enough to cut it open and look inside! When we finally did, as you can see, it was perfectly ripe and a vibrant orange. I think a little seed saving is in order here!

We've harvested more beautiful tatsoi...

...and this time I very simply sauteed it with elephant garlic and chopped tomatoes in a little leftover bacon fat. If your hair stood on end when I said that I cooked this in bacon fat, read this article from Food and Wine. You'll learn a little truth about lard, and it also has a good explanation of the evils that lurk within hydrogenated fats. We've really been sold a bill of goods in the past several decades.

And finally, meet our newest neighbors!
Aren't they lovely? The four of them just appeared in our neighbor's pasture on Sunday morning, and they have been so nice to watch.

We're getting ready for a fall party here this coming Sunday, Lord willing and the weather holding. Be back to posting after that!

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