September 29, 2010


Our house has smelled like an apple orchard for the last two days - applesauce and apple butter - wonderful! Apples are just part of what's been rolling in lately.

Last week, in one day, this mass of produce and plants came into the house. We are so incredibly blessed to have the outlets, resources, and opportunities to get these wonderful things. Pictured here are apples for eating and apples for applesauce; gourds, squash, Indian corn, pumpkins, and mums for decorating the house inside and out; and in the little yellow bag are 5 root starts for the peony called "Shirley Temple White". About half of this windfall came from our food co-op, and the other from my favorite grocery store.

Another windfall, these two blueberry plants. We'd been searching at every nursery we came across, hoping to find another couple of blueberry bushes to plant this fall and maybe, maybe have a few blueberries next season. Who would have guessed that WalMart would have just what we wanted, and more amazingly that they would be marked down to $5 each!!!! It just seems like every plant on our wish list has practically jumped into our cart this fall - it's been a kick!

This basil plant was waiting there for us too. If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know that this purchase is evidence that I'm an incurable optimist! With a double loss this summer in our attempts to grow basil, we'll try it inside this winter and see what happens. We use it in so many things and it's ridiculously expensive to buy it in the grocery store. It's worth a go.

This is one of two beautiful yellow squash that came from LaVentosa Ranch in Clemons, IA. Usually we get amazing free-range chicken from this farm, but she's offered some great veggies lately too. I made some fantastic squash fritters with this one, and put the recipe on the recipe page.
These were fabulously good. We had them with our steaks and then the next morning they were great with over-easy eggs!

We also got another seedless watermelon from our last food co-op run. Like most of the ones we've tried this season, they were o.k., but not great. The general consensus is that the rainy summer has rendered the melons rather mild or even tasteless. If you get a mild melon or any number of other fruits, here's a cure for it - a lime and honey dressing. Just mix two parts honey to one part lime juice and you have a whole new ballgame! I have found that two tablespoons of honey to one tablespoon of lime juice is enough for a large bowl of fruit.

We've enjoyed this windfall in every way, including making the porch look festive. It will be even more colorful as the mums bloom. Hope you're enjoying this season as much as we do!

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