September 23, 2010

Backing into a Strawberry Bed

Or, maybe I should call this post - "An unconventional (wrong) way to start a strawberry bed!" 1st - gracefully accept the huge box of free strawberry plants dug from a co-workers garden, which you did say you wanted, but weren't prepared to plant when they arrived at the office without warning -whoops.

2nd - bring them home and leave them in the garage until it's almost too late, then finally plop the mostly dead looking bunch of plants in a large planter because your wife has bugged you relentlessly to plant them and just see what happens.

3rd - be pleasantly surprised to see new growth in the spring, and let them sit on your porch in the same planter all summer long, and watch the poor neglected plant as it valiantly produces four juicy, perfect strawberries!

4th - in the fall when your peppers have stopped producing, pick all of the beautiful peppers, and pull up the plants to make room for your new strawberry bed.

5th - take the long suffering planter and plants out to a square-foot plot and plant. There are now enough runners from the original plants to literally fill up the whole bed - cause that was the plan all along OF COURSE.

6th - stand back and admire your handiwork, and dream of berries next summer - and pray that the currently falling, torrential autumn rain doesn't foil your hard work on this perfectly engineered strawberry bed.

I'm an optimist and my plan is to start looking for cute jars and lids for all that homemade strawberry rhubarb jam coming our way next season, hopefully with our own berries this time!


  1. Boy did you get lucky with that one LOL.

  2. Right?!!! Look at the pictures on that post now, since one of them disappeared somewhere and I put it back on. You can see that there really are enough plants to fill up the whole square - dumb luck!