August 4, 2010

Seeing Green

This beautiful Luna Moth landed on our window a couple of days ago and just stayed there a while so that I could get a shot of it with the pond in the background - wasn't that considerate of it?! This is a relatively rare moth in Iowa, and it's wingspan is usually about 4 inches - big moth!

And the other green we've seen around is in our peppers - plus a little orange as you can see. It feels so good to be picking SOMETHING from the garden! We have long green peppers, some of which have matured to orange, and we have classic bell peppers. I'll be making fajitas tonight with some of these peppers and soon I'll be making a batch of stuffed peppers - yummy! As I look over the recipe for stuffed peppers that I posted on my blog last year, it's obvious that we had a lot of tomatoes to use up too - I miss my garden!!!

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