August 30, 2010

Savoring the End of Summer

The light is changing, the heat and humidity are beginning to subside and we were actually able to sit outdoors on Friday night and enjoy a cool evening with our friends. All signals of a season changing and there is so much to enjoy before summer's gone again! I've been trying to bring in our second bloom of roses and enjoy little bouquets as long as we can. One of our newest landscape plants is a pink and burgundy hibiscus, which has been such a pretty addition to the roses.

So many of the producer's from our food coop have been bringing in beautiful fruits and vegetables in the past couple of order cycles. I brought home a real mother lode this past week and I'll post a little each day about how we're using it all. These raspberries above are from the Berry Patch Farm where we also got our blueberries. I added these two berries to some amazing Colorado peaches and had such a good fruit crisp!

The recipe is posted over on the recipe page. It can be adapted to many different fruits, so I hope you'll try it out!

These beautiful organic, heirloom tomatoes came from Divine Word Farm in Weldon, IA. The darker red is called Black Trifle and the yellow-orange is Orange Perfection. These two in particular were incredibly flavorful.

Don't they look beautiful all sliced and ready to go on our burgers?! We enjoyed them thoroughly with some friends who came for a BBQ over the weekend. I ALMOST... enjoyed them on our burgers as much as I do on BLTs!

More to come soon!

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