August 1, 2010

Pure Joy!

The first BLT of the season! Wonderful tomatoes from my uncle's garden, and applewood-smoked, nitrate free bacon from our food coop - IFC. The sweet scent of the bacon lingered for a while and was better than any perfume! Thanks for the tomatoes Uncle J and Aunt P - and thanks for a wonderful Friday evening together too.

More joy - Caramel Almond Cupcakes!! Homemade caramel frosting that has an aftertaste that can make you swoon just a little! The recipe comes from Betty Crocker, and it's a funny combination of homemade and ready-made, but the end product is sensational and perfect for our church luncheon.

I took a couple of them to my grandmother and her roommate this weekend, and had fun re-purposing side dish containers from a BBQ take-out meal. These held coleslaw originally, and were the perfect size for a cupcake! A little sticker on the top to hide the restaurant name and, Voila!

But pure joy came from looking at this shot from our visit with my grandmother, dad and stepmom. Just look at the smile on this 100-year-old face, and look at the grin on my dad's face as he looks at her! We had such a good visit, ate, and joked around together. It filled my heart and made me so incredibly grateful. My dad and stepmom came up to our place for dinner that evening too and it was great to be together. We're keeping my stepmom in our prayers tonight since her dear aunt passed away this afternoon. She and my dad gave her a lot of joy in their love, support, and care for her, and I know she gave them joy as well. Something to celebrate.

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