August 8, 2010

Omaha Zoo

We took a field trip this weekend to Omaha. Our DD finished up her summer internship so we hit the road and did some (lots) of shopping for her back to school needs, which really means clothes and shoes for student teaching. We had a fantastic meal at a "hippie" style restaurant called McFoster's Natural Kind Restaurant, plus we had another chance to meet up with my Dad and stepmom for breakfast since they're still camped out in NE, and had a nice visit with them. We also went to the Omaha Zoo. What a great zoo! You can see the giraffes behind my DD and DH - so cute - all of them! It was hotter than blazes and the frozen lemonade helped some, but we enjoyed the indoor exhibits a lot!

These guys and gals were really keeping cool! You can't tell it, but there is a little bit of snow falling on them. No wonder there were so many people camped out in front of this exhibit! And one little complaint here - why do people insist on taking strollers into VERY crowded indoor exhibits??? Why???

Our favorite exhibit was the marine tunnel where "Smiley" here and his friends were living. It was a lot of fun to stand and wait for all the different sharks, stingrays, and other fishies to swim over your head. We enjoyed this in Disney a number of years ago, but this one is lower and you feel much closer.

It was an exhausting, but fun weekend and the beginning of two weeks at home with our girl. Would you please keep her in prayers this week as she is getting her tonsils out tomorrow - ouch!

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