August 6, 2010

Friday in the Kitchen

Happy Friday! I had quite a successful trip to the hardware store today, where I was really just looking for potting soil, a new flag, and reflector spikes for the end of the driveway. But I decided to check in the kitchen aisle of our local True Value, and what a bonanza! They will often carry a good number of canning supplies, but today they had a lot of things I've been looking for in other stores - a fine mesh strainer, nylon spoons that are not too "bendy", a smaller Pyrex measuring cup, a muffin pan that is dishwasher safe, and another of my favorite food storage containers - this one the perfect size for a batch of granola. I need to keep a little notebook to remind myself about all the local, sometimes hidden resources we have right around the corner!

Today I froze the hot peppers that came in from our garden. I've blogged before about freezing fruits and some vegetables on a cookie sheet, and then bagging them in freezer bags. For these kinds of peppers I don't do anything more than rinse, cut off the stem end, and lay on the cookie sheet. I don't bother taking out the seeds and ribs until I retrieve them from the freezer for a recipe, and the freezing makes the ribs and seeds come out very easily. Check out a resource like this one for guidelines on how to freeze various veggies and fruits.

And last but not least, this was going on in the kitchen today - Caprese salad with cherry tomatoes I picked this afternoon!! I was invited to pick a few things from my aunt and uncle's garden, and these little beauties will be heavenly with our dinner. Our DD is coming home today and is so looking forward to some fresh tomatoes! What a blessing it is to enjoy this bounty together. Caprese Salad = tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil, S&P

Also on this Friday, I wish my dear niece a Happy 21st Birthday! Love to you, and happy trails Kels!!

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