July 9, 2010

Hard Working Men

I love men who work hard, sweat, and get the job done! It shows quality of character. Here is my DH distributing 12 bales of hay over our big garden. Since we planted very little this year, hay was our solution to keeping the garden clean looking and free from the jungle of weeds that had overtaken it. This was some big job and the heat and hay rash on his arms was no picnic!

But just look how nice and neat it looks - and hopefully appealing to potential buyers one of these days. It'll be ready for the next owners to till under and plant!

He also got busy on this planting bed that's off our lower level patio. We've been meaning to plant here for a long time, but as anyone who's ever moved around knows, you end up doing things for a house sale that you should have done for yourself a long time ago - ugh! You can't see the plants very well in this shot, but there are three different varieties of 1 gallon plants in this bed. We got 9 plants since our local grocery store had them on sale - 3 for $10! There's no excuse for not making your house look nice at that price! And, yes, well... we won't dwell on the fact that the deer already ate and ripped up one of the plants - stinkin', stinkin' deer! Had we only remembered the final step to planting anything here - deer repellent spray!

Here's a very young, hard working man! He's our 13-year-old neighbor whom we've hired to mow our lawn this summer. This has saved my DH so much time, and frees him up to do the million and one other projects on his check list. It takes this young neighbor several hours to mow for us, and he is very reliable and thorough. His dad supervised the mowing the first couple of times. It's a beautiful thing to see a father teach his son how to do a quality job, and to be unafraid of hard work!


  1. good work! we just bought some garden/ landscaping tools today. going to trim the bushes around the house for the first time in a few years and take out some crazy growing weeds tomorrow.

  2. Oh, have fun - it's very satisfying when it's done. Just watch out for poison ivy!