June 30, 2010

Special Food Gifts

This past Sunday, we made a visit after church to some friends with a brand new baby, and then we had some family over for a Sunday evening supper. In both situations, we ended up receiving wonderful gifts of food!

My aunt and uncle brought us a number of things from their garden. This is kohlrabi, a strange looking, but wonderful tasting little veggie. I'm debating between a slaw, and a scalloped recipe for these little gems. If what I read on the internet is correct, the name of this vegetable comes from two German words - kohl, meaning cabbage, and rabi, meaning turnip. It was wildly popular in Europe for many years before it showed up in the U.S., and I dare say there are still a majority of people here who still have no clue what it is!

They also brought us a nice load of green beans - oh, the pleasure!! Aren't they perfect?

The first thing we did with them was make Szechuan green beans with pork. They were so, so good. Here's a link to a recipe that I used as a base. I added ginger to the list of seasonings and put it all in with the ground pork before cooking it. It made for nice, crispy bits that flavored the green beans in a great way! Pictured with the green beans is the other food gift we got last Sunday. Be ready to be jealous! These are egg rolls that were made by the new baby's grandmother, who is visiting from Hong Kong. She fixed some for us while we were getting to know the new baby, and then sent us home with a batch to cook up here! There is no way to say it eloquently enough, but trust me when I say that this lovely woman can make an egg roll! Half were regular flavor and half were curry flavored - a treat we will not soon forget!

And last, but not least, my aunt and uncle also picked some berries from their garden for us- blueberries, raspberries, and black raspberries. The very essence of summer time. They couldn't have been any sweeter or more delicious!

Our intent this past weekend was to show hospitality, and boy did we get rewarded in kind. Not that it was our goal to be rewarded, but sometimes it just works out that way and how sweet it is!

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  1. That's so kind of you to do a nice tribute to my mom's egg rolls. I know it makes her happy to see people enjoy her cooking. I think food cooked with love is one of the best gifts. I will have to try this recipe sometime. I love szechuan flavor.