June 7, 2010

Let's Get Political

Tomorrow in Iowa is an important primary election for the Republican candidate for governor of our state. It's important for so many reasons. I'm sure I don't need to talk about the mess that's going on in this country. What we do need to talk about is how we can all get off our rumps and take part in bringing it back to the God-ordained state of beauty it once was. Of course it's never been a perfect nation, but there was certainly a time when the standards by which it was governed were far more admirable than they are right now.

We believe that the way back involves prayer first (that's true for any situation), and then supporting and electing people into office who see the vision of our Founding Fathers, and stand for the same godly values that these men possessed. We also believe that you need to go and listen to these candidates if at all possible. We recently had a chance to attend a breakfast meeting in our tiny town, at which we heard the candidate for governor that we support, and we also heard one of the candidates for house representative that we thought we were going to support. Once he started talking and NOT answering the direct questions being asked of him, we knew we had gone down the wrong track. On paper, he looked like the right choice. In person. he was the same old, same old, slippery spokesman, and that does not cut it anymore!! We were also fortunate to meet one of his fellow running mates before we left, and she was most impressive.

The candidate we support for governor is Bob Vander Plaats. His platform best represents our political beliefs and even our Christian values. We don't believe these two things should be mutually exclusive!! We've never even thought about having a political sign in our front yard, but times have changed and even a little more action by each of us is a start.

We recently learned that there are people all over the world watching little old Iowa politics, and gauging what will happen next in our country, based on what happens here. Wow. Our prayer is that they will see a state that stands for something bigger than the Constitutionally perverse corruption that currently rules the day. Our prayer is that they will see what happens in Iowa tomorrow, and know that America is coming back. We sang, and listened to, a lot of great hymns in church on Sunday, and this lyric sums it all up, no matter how the primary goes.

"This is my Father's world.
O let me ne'er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet."
M.D. Babcock

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