June 1, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Ahhhhh...nice to be home again, but a downer too, as I'm sure you can understand! It's back to the laundry, the weeds, and dealing with the animals who invaded in our absence. Notably the Starlings, which are making nests all over the house, and deer getting into our front bed and eating the roses right off my beautifully blooming bushes! Oh well, it can't cancel out the joys of our trip in any way!

To catch up a little, we had a few more adventures before we finished our trip. The first one was in Grand Junction, CO at this Western store.
We'd been looking for a hat for DH on this trip and had no luck until just before we were headed to Denver. We tried one last place and hit the jackpot! This store is owned by Derby, and he's been in the hat business for nearly 40 years.

He can re-shape and custom fit any hat in the store, and we had the pleasure of watching him at his craft. You can see the original look of the hat through the steam. This helped him stretch the hat to alter the shape and size.

In this picture he's beginning to shape the top to look like my husband's requested style. You may also be able to tell from this photo that Derby likes to tell stories! He's a guy who definitely loves what he does.

This was the last step in which he cut off 1/2 inch from the brim - by hand no less. By the time he was done, he had taken the entire hat apart, including the linings and band, then reassembled them perfectly.

The finished product is a real work of art!

Our next "adventure" was courtesy of this crazy little child of ours. She got herself to the airport and flew into Denver to surprise us! She had her own adventure making all the plans and navigating the airport. Her surrogate dads, otherwise known as profs at the college, gave her plenty of tips about getting in and out of Omaha since they were all in on the surprise - very dear people obviously! She flew out before we left Colorado and made her way to our house from Omaha, where she greeted us with a great spaghetti meal she cooked for us! What an amazing treat to have her with us for the celebration!

Our time with our Colorado family was ever so sweet. In Denver we were joined by a number of family members at the Blue Bonnet restaurant where my husband and I first met. The food was good and we felt so blessed to be surrounded by all these people we love so much.

This is the best of the shots I took of my family at the restaurant, which isn't saying much! I cut off my sister-in-law, and didn't get my husband or brother in the shot at all. And it wasn't the effect of the fabulous margaritas they serve here, for you can see in the front of the photo that mine is still full - and I only had one! Our meal was really good and being on the patio was perfect for the youngest little man in the family. Plenty of room to "stretch his legs"!

The last stop on our trip was in Ft. Collins, where we spent more precious time with family. Sitting on the beautiful deck with them and enjoying the gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains, gave us peace in more ways than one. Our family always blesses us in a special way, and this time it included some especially nice meals cooked for us, lovely cards and gifts, and pampering, right down to a picnic lunch for the long road back to Iowa. We both agreed that there couldn't have been a more perfect way to celebrate 25 years of marriage. God has blessed us so richly. We give thanks and praise to Him for all that we have.


  1. aww... congrats again! what a wonderful trip and memories.

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun to have so many others "along" for the ride!