June 24, 2010

Fresh Herbs all Around

I find myself out cutting fresh herbs from the deck nearly every day. So many summer recipes call for fresh herbs and we've been enjoying them! Above is a bundle of oregano and basil, tied with kitchen twine - food safe in other words.

Last Sunday I placed this bundle in a crock-pot full of spaghetti sauce and let the string end fall outside the lid. That way I could retrieve the whole thing easily and avoid slimy, overcooked piceces of herbs swimming in our sauce.

Recently I used fresh oregano and rosemary to flavor this leg of lamb. The lamb came from our new food club, IFC, and it was truly beautiful meat. It was just as tender as it could be and we made Indian lamb kabob out of some of it and sliced it thin for Greek sandwiches as well. We'll definitely order more.

This was a simple use for rosemary - a potato dish called "smooshed potatoes" in which the roasted flavor of the rosemary was excellent. I think it needs to be chopped up in very small bits in order to be palatable. Nobody likes a twig in their food! BTW, I didn't make these exactly like the recipe link above, but it's close and you can make your own changes.

And then there's just the pleasure of having fresh parsley for garnish whenever you need it! These bacon wrapped scallops we made for Father's Day were gorgeous on their own, but the parsley sure was a nice contrast.

I wish I was better at keeping the herbs alive indoors. Anyone have suggestions? I've attempted bringing them into the kitchen in the fall, but the most I've managed was keeping a little bit of sage alive long enough to go under the turkey skin at Thanksgiving! Oh, and one more question for you - what is up with cilantro??? We use it in so many things but it never grows well for me for an extended time - drives me nuts! Share your herb knowledge with me please!

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