May 5, 2010

Garden News

It's iris blooming time! These iris clearly love this side of the house, and I'm glad that DH moved them over. There's plenty of room for them to fall all over the place, which is just what these old varieties do. I think at our next house I'd like to go back to the smaller varieties and get some really stunning colors. Years ago, my mom had an unusual peach-colored iris in our back yard. One day when I was home from college, a couple of ladies from the neighborhood came into our backyard - not knowing that I was home and looking out the big family room window - and they proceeded to dig up a few of these flowers! When they discovered I was there, they nearly jumped out of their skins!! The strangest part was that my mother would have gladly shared, so why pilfer?!

Here's proof that we did finally plant tomatoes and peppers. The eight peppers ended up in our square foot plots -4 jalapeno, and 4 sweet peppers. The dirt we put in the square foot plots last year was so nice and soft and we dug in a little of our compost at each planting sight - that stuff is pure gold and all from vegetable and fruit trash. The tomatoes are planted up against the same trellis as last year. All are protected with the wall-of-water tepees, and with the wind we have this time of year, it's almost essential out in the open spaces. Then there's also the fact that we're going to have night temps in the upper 30's this week.

These photos are in honor of lazy gardeners, and a reason to plant heirloom! We let the lettuce bolt just a little last year, and lo and behold the seeds came up all by themselves this year. There are three different varieties. Effortless lettuce!

And boy was that lettuce good on these grilled chicken sandwiches. These gorgeous sandwich rolls were made by my DH - so, so good! Here's the link to the blog that offered the recipe - The only thing he changed was adding part whole wheat flour, and the cooking time was 20-25 minutes in 350 degree conventional oven. We'll be making these often!

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