May 7, 2010

Food Inc. - Again

In my post about reading labels, and the book Cook This Not That, I mentioned that if I could be courageous enough, we would be watching a movie about the current state of our food supply. We did watch the movie Food Inc., and I strongly urge you to watch it too. It's so much more than just an attempt to sensationalize the plight of chickens raised in poor conditions. You do see that story, and it's really a shame, but what they choose to focus on with the chicken farms is the way the that farmers end up completely at the mercy of the large companies that stipulate the way that they must raise the chickens. You see how sick one of the farmers has become in this environment, and you see how financially trapped they are as well. In other words, this movie is about the people involved in food production, as well as the corruption that has largely ruined our healthy food supply. And maybe most importantly, it delves into the positive alternatives that are being practiced. I hope you too will be inspired by the people in the movie who work so hard to practice healthy food production, and to get out the word that there is a better way. I hope you'll find ways to support healthy food producers.

We are very blessed to have two great sources for grass-fed beef, and we couldn't be happier to be supporting both farmers. They're actually doing us a favor as far as we're concerned! It is a great comfort to know that we have healthier beef to consume, and here is a lovely bit of trivia about grass-fed beef from the book Cook This Not That - "Grass-fed beef has up to three times more conjugated linoleic acid, a unique beef-based fat that fights cancer and promotes weight loss." Wow! Here is a photo of some of our grass-fed friends that live right up the road. They are so curious and I'll say 'happy' - and we think it has to do with the way they are raised and cared for.

Aren't they cute?!! The gal in the upper right corner is just downright pretty! When you stop to visit with them, at first just a few come to the fence, but eventually they all have to see what's going on. Very entertaining.

It just so happens that our DD has come home today from college. We have her here for a whole week! This past semester she worked as an assistant on a senior's project. It was exploring a new method of trying to cleanse E.coli from meat. The team was amazed at the high levels of E.coli they discovered in their samples, and DD will definitely be watching Food Inc. while she's here!

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