May 20, 2010

A Few Parting Thoughts

We've been on a roller coaster ride this week. We'll be leaving in the morning for a road trip - very special trip to celebrate 25 years of marriage! More on that in the days to come. We've had numerous medical issues among our family and friends this week, with one in particular being quite frightening. It's kept us on our knees in a special way. Our trip has been a little up in the air, but by the grace of God things have gotten resolved to the point of at least some assurance that all is going to be well. We are so appreciative of all the prayers that went up for our family this week. So with hearts hopeful, we're off to see the Wild West in the morning!

When we travel on a plane, we go light, and I mean light. This suitcase/backpack, which also has wheels, went to Europe with us a few years back. (The remote is meant to give you an idea of just how small it is.) All three of us have one, and each of us packed clothes, shoes, and most other essentials in this little bag for a 15 day vacation! It can be done, and it made travel so much more enjoyable.

However, when we take a car trip, we go for comfort all the way! We have a clothing bar for the car, which holds most of our clothes, then we each have our own suitcase with other items, and I even went to far on this trip as to have one entire suitcase just for my shoes, socks and purses - I'm taking three of those!

This time of year can be so tricky with the weather fluctuations, most especially in the mountainous west, so it's a luxury to take every conceivable combination of clothing and shoes that we might need. Plus the fact that we are going to be doing everything from hiking to having fancy dinners - so exciting!

In the car, we take along reading materials,
music, etc. for entertainment, and I even drag along our address book, which has been a lifesaver a few times. Occasionally technology really lets you down and you have to throw out the Garmin and the droid phones and page through the good old written record!

Other comforts for the car include a snack bag, which actually contains enough choices to provide lunches, or at least the healthy part of a lunch, which can be tricky to find on the road. We also find that if we have good organic munchies in the car, we are much less tempted by the chemically enhanced gas station snack racks.
I also take along paper towels, wipes, and plastic plates, cups, and utensils. That gives us the option of popping into a grocery store and getting something we can eat in our hotel room if we're just too tired from driving to go out again. We've had many fine hotel room picnics by taking these things along!

Other musts for us -
1. Our own coffee concentrate in a thermos - I'll do a post on our coffee system one of these days.

2. A wide selection of just-in-case medicines. The bottle of GSE is a natural antibiotic, which has worked great for me. And I'm also taking this bottle of natural fabric refresher called Bac-Out, to spray down the hotel rooms for a little more peace of mind.

3. The usual selection of toys.

4. And this time, a bottle of our favorite champagne! We may have to wait to have it the day after our actual anniversary celebration dinner, since we'll be inside the Grand Canyon park that evening, and we think it's not allowed there. We'll see.

So tonight will be filled with getting the car loaded, and accomplishing my list of things that must be done before we leave on a trip - all trash out of the house, dishes run, disposal run, perishables cleared out of the fridge, clean sheets on the bed, and a general pick-up. I love coming home to a clean house.

We'll be checking in along the way!


  1. Happy anniversary and have a great trip! You deserve the break! 25 that possible? I remember the day I met you and thought you were too good for my uncle (you still are shhhh) and how incredibly beautiful you were.

  2. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  3. Oh, I'm so touched by the good wishes and the compliments (Di you make me blush!). Thank you everyone!