April 12, 2010

What's Up?

A walk around the house and garden this weekend revealed a lot of nice discoveries! The rhubarb is looking very vigorous, unlike last year when it had a soggy, stunted start. I just gave my last jar of strawberry-rhubarb jam to my niece, so it's good to see the new crop is on it's way!

Our asparagus is popping up too. This year will be the first time we'll actually harvest it - very exciting!

We had such a hard time with roses last year, and it's great to see them coming back so fully. I'm starting to really believe that the less you mess around with plants, and just let them strengthen themselves, the better off they are. Could it be that the nurseries are trying to convince us that we need twenty-five different tools and products to have nice landscape plants, when they might actually be better off fending for themselves???? And maybe more importantly, do we really want to grow something that has to be fussed over?

Here's a great example of a plant that has fended for itself for three years running now. It's my "miracle" mum! Once again it's growing on it's own after having spent a waterless winter in our garage. I love it! In the background of the picture you can see our iris bolting up. These are such pretty flowers to share with other gardeners, and they are practically indestructible as well. All of ours were given to us from several older gardens. DH moved them all last year and it never phased them.

And speaking of getting things from other gardeners, we were given an enormous number of strawberry plants last fall. Unfortunately you don't always receive these kinds of gifts at a convenient time, but when someone is ready to dig and share, you take it! We ended up leaving these unplanted until we weren't sure they would survive. We finally plopped them in this big pot, watered the heck out of them and after the first frost, they too spent a waterless winter in the garage. As you can see, they have survived and may even yield a little fruit - now wouldn't that be lovely?!

Another thing popping up in the yard are geese! We've had them land on the pond any number of times, but this is the first time they've hung out in the yard. I read that geese like open spaces where they can see predators from a long distance, which explains why golf courses are often nearly ruined by flocks of geese in residence. These two stood watch for a while and then slowly sauntered down to the pond.
Right now we have no need to shoo them away, but I will remember one tip from a "how-to" site for a long time. It said that if you shoot just one goose, and leave the carcass out in the area you're trying to rid of geese, they will interpret the space to be unsafe and they'll move along!!! Just look at this beautiful animal though - can you imagine shooting it and leaving it's dead body on our lawn to scare the others away?!! Yuck! However, I'm sure that if we had loads and loads of poo out there, it might become a more appealing idea - nah! Honk, honk.


  1. It's beautiful, and they are delicious. We eat those back home.

  2. Yes, I've had a delicious Christmas goose or two myself. If we had to be pioneers and shoot our own goose we would, but for now I'll stick to the grocery store!

  3. Here in NC we have such a problem with geese that there are actually geese removal companies. Not sure how it works but I suspect they shoo them from one property to another. What a way to ensure new business!

  4. Hi Di! You know in Kauai our hotel grounds were suspiciously one of the only places that wasn't overrun with wild roosters - wonder if that business is there too?!

  5. HG, I bet they do have that service at your hotel and if not, I may have found a new career..though I don't know if I could take the tough conditions of living in Hawaii LOL.