April 13, 2010

Keeping Leeks

Last fall we experimented with a way to keep leeks over the winter. We banked up the mature plants with grass clippings and crossed our fingers!

This week was the end of the experiment as we went out to the garden and started digging - well DH was digging as usual!

Not all of them were good, but these two beauties were just what we hoped for. Nice and firm and lots of white.

I brought them in and cleaned them well. If you slice them down the center and then cut them into half circles, they can be soaked in cold water to dissolve the dirt that creeps up into the layers. Then drain them well before you cook them.

I made a leek and potato quiche, which was very tasty. The leeks were flavorful, but very mild after all that time in the garden! I need to tweak this recipe a little more before it's posted though. It was based on a Cooking Light recipe, which I normally like a lot, but sometimes they go a little too far with the small amounts of fat and salt that they recommend. For example, the recipe called for one teaspoon of oil to saute a cup of leeks and a large sliced potato - can you say "sticks to the pan"!! There was also a lack of other herbs to make up for lowering the salt. I added a pinch of tarragon, which certainly helped. But we will do this dish again since it's pretty flexible as far as the kinds of cheese you use, and the add ins. I'll post the recipe when it's just right! BTW, notice the pretty little things in both of these photos. The chicks and the spring basket were gifts from my mom, and they came from one of my favorite stores here in town, which is unfortunately struggling under our current economic circus. I realized recently that I always take out-of-town company to this store, and I realized that my mom always buys me something special when we're in there! Hmmm...must check my subconscious behavior! Thanks Mom.


  1. I have had that sticking problem too with Cooking Light recipes. I found you can brown onions and almost antyhting in plain water! Sounds weird but it works. NO fat and you can add as much water as you like in case it all evaporates. I usually do this and then let the last of the water evaporate, then add a bit of butter just for some flavor. Works great every time!

  2. I love quiche, but I have never had leek before. It looks like something I'd like though.

  3. Leeks are sort of a cross between onions and scallions, so if you're basically an onion fan, you'd like them. Try a leek and potato soup, mmmm...