April 26, 2010

Herb Garden?

Since we aren't planting a real garden this year - due to putting the house on the market - we're scratching that itch by planting some herbs, and soon some tomatoes and peppers. Still don't know if the tomatoes and peppers will go into the garden or into some big pots that could be moved. We're still in "negotiations" on that decision!

DH made a stop at a really nice nursery in a neighboring town, and I potted up parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, chives, and cilantro. All are pretty easy to grow, though cilantro is notoriously picky. We use it in so many dishes - Indian, Thai, Mexican - that I really hope it does well this year.

These chives were very root-bound, and that's one thing to watch for when you transplant little potted plants like this. It seems counterproductive to tear away some of their root system before planting them, but they will actually choke themselves if you don't. You just have to buck up and rip away!

So, here's my herb "garden" living on the patio table this year. It looks nice to me now, but I just wonder how many times I'll be running out there to put them under this table to protect them from the inevitable hairy summer storms?! It'll be worth it though - fresh herbs right at hand - mmmmmm...

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