March 9, 2010

The Will to Grill

It takes a sturdy man to put on his wellies and his rain coat, step out in the rain and fog, and get that steak grilled in early March!

He hardly complained at all about how cold he was out there. I kept telling him through the window that he should really buck up since it was nearly 40 degrees according to the kitchen thermometer!

We've been chomping at the bit to fire up the grill, but until this week, it's still been mired in a frozen drift of snow. Recently we've had very mild temps (for us anyway!) and it's been raining, so that snow is disappearing fast. The grill is loose at last and tonight we enjoyed out first marinated, grilled steak of the year. So delicious - some for dinner and some for later this week. Will it be steak salad, stir-fry, tacos...

Hope your grill is fired up and back in the game! Spring is here!

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  1. yummy. your husband is a good man. we miss you guys.