March 3, 2010

Traffic Patterns

The deer have been absent for most of the winter - too much snow, too deep, and too frozen. It was as if they had disappeared, though we knew better than that! Now they're back and making tracks. In these pictures, there are no human foot prints, only animals. If you click on the first photo to enlarge it, you can see that most of the tracks go right around the perimeter of the garden, which is a good thing since that indicates that the electric fence is still effective. At the back left corner, there is a lot of activity at the pile of last year's corn stalks, which the deer have worked over again and again. They've also been digging a considerable number of holes to uncover grass, and of course leaving behind lots of fertilizer. Should be an interesting mowing experience in a few weeks - blahhhh!

Not all the tracks come from the deer. Some little bitty creatures have been out and about. We've seen an inordinate number of possums along the side of the highway lately. Hopefully these tracks are made from something a little cuter than that!

And now for the mystery tracks! What in the world?? Obviously it was something underground, at least I think that's obvious. These very consistent circles go right under the fence wire and along the trellis, then out under the back fencing wire. Could it have been a mole that was frozen under the snow and kept trying to break through every few inches? Got an idea? Leave a comment if you do!

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