March 29, 2010

Round 3 Coming Up!

Round one, if you remember ALL the way back to my last post, was our trip to Colorado. We went to hear our daughter's college choir perform during a stop in Denver on their spring break tour. Do we ever get tired of seeing these mountains as we drive around Denver? NO! Even people who've lived there a long time never take them for granted.

The concert was terrific, and you would never know that these 50 people had been together on a bus for nearly 4500 miles by the time we saw them! They were still fresh and entertaining, and the young women we hosted were delightfully upbeat. In this photo, there are a number of alumni from the audience joining the choir for one song. Their enthusiasm speaks to the fact that this college has a wonderful lifetime influence. You could feel the love!

On top of the concert, we enjoyed visiting with our family, having brunch with good old friends, and two visits to Whole Foods...ahhhhh.

Round two involved a house full to the brim with people we love. They came from across the country - Colorado, California, and Alaska - all to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday. Every one of them made supreme effort to be at the party and honor her, and that was special. Even our girl left her college at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning to make her way there. I know my grandmother loved seeing them all.
The energy and interests of a two-year-old boy kept us entertained all weekend. He is passionate about anything on wheels, and we had a good time showing him the huge "tractor trucks" in our farmy town, otherwise known as John Deere machines!

This little smile was the starting point for many belly laughs, and lots of good memories! He had my brother and my husband wrapped around his little finger. I'm happy that my sister got to see her grandson, and we're glad his mommy, my niece, made the effort to travel with this little man, and that my mom drove them out here!

The main event of round two involved a family luncheon and then an open house birthday reception for nearly 100 people! Her party was a wonderful success. This picture of my grandmother as a very little girl was part of the decor, and it wasn't until I put it on the blog here that I realized how much my little sister resembled my grandmother when she was young.

And here is the beautiful face of a 100-year-old lady who is all class, and has always been. There were pictures of her at the party and a fantastic video was running that my aunt put together, which told a lot of the story about the life she's lived - a life of hard work, honesty, and steadfast love for her family. I have the opinion that her quiet faith, along with her wonderful dry wit, have been a foundation throughout her 100 years of life.

Have we had any kinks in these first two rounds? - well yes. One blizzard, one flat air mattress, one and a half bouts of stomach flu, one dead car battery, one stuck gas nozzle during a fill-up, some bad directions from a Garmin, one smoke alarm on the fritz and beeping during the wee hours, and one husband who forgot to turn the heat back on when we closed the windows for the day - leading to some chilly house guests in the overnight - sorry! But these are not deal breakers, they're simply things we quickly joked about and things that will be good for story time for years to come.

Round three...dear daughter and at least one other will be here for Easter weekend. We are so grateful for the love in our lives.

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  1. Your grandmother is beautiful, and I love the Colorado mountains.