March 18, 2010

Road Trip Time

In the midst of sprucing up the house for our pending birthday party guests, we decided to take a trip to Colorado over the weekend - it was a moment of spontaneity, enthusiasm, and slight insanity that led to this decision! Our DD is currently touring the Pacific Northwest with her college choir over their Spring Break, and they'll land in Denver on their way back to school. We lived in CO for years and have family and friends there, so it seemed like a good plan to visit everyone and get to see the choir sing as well. We'll host our daughter and three others at my brother's home overnight. He and my sister-in-law have generously offered the use of their home even though they will be heading out for their own Spring Break adventure - thank you again!

As usual we'll look like the Clampets heading down the highway. We're taking everything but the kitchen sink, including bedding for the overnight choir members, snacks, drinks, maps, reading material, an I-pod full of audio books, and a jar of my homemade salsa for the breakfast burritos I'll be making for the singers before they hit the road again.

I've also gotten a couple of on-the-road meals put together. It saves money and our health to bring along fruit and veggies all cut up and ready to eat. For one meal we'll have curried chicken salad with cashews, served over baby greens. I'd say that's a little better for us than a Big Mac and fries, and there's also the fact that fast food makes us both really tired, so that's never a good thing for us to eat while we're driving!

Here's one of our red-winged blackbirds up from the pond. He came to let us know that the bird feeders need to go back out! However, there will be a little more nasty winter weather over the weekend, so that will have to wait. And we're literally praying that our road trip won't be cursed by the Winter Storm Warning that's in effect for Denver all day tomorrow, and praying that the choir's tour bus doesn't encounter any messy roads - oh bother, as Pooh says!


  1. I love spontaneous trip. We haven't done anything spontaneous since Eli was born. Someday though, I hope to get back on the road again. Love road trips.

  2. Hi Lovely Lady! You'd be so proud of us ... we're off to an 'heirloom seed' planting class at our local museum! I thought of you immediately when I saw the sign :). Hope you have a fun and safe trip! I LOVE your website -I check it for new posts often! I cant wait to try some of your recipies you post :) Heidi & Dave