March 13, 2010

Early Spring in Iowa

Or you could call this post - Shades of Gray and Brown! It's not the most attractive sight right now, but Iowa is coming alive again. We have plenty of dirty snow, but it's exciting to see that it's melting, and it makes you breathe a sigh of relief!

Unfortunately, under all that melting snow is plenty of evidence of critter mischief that's been going on all winter. What a mess.

And speaking of messes...there's plenty of mud to go around too. Muddy ruts are common right now, and this little stretch is the same one that caused car after car to get stuck in the ice and snow in front of our place over the winter. So, we'll take the mud gladly, since it means we no longer have the one-lane snow tunnel to traverse!

The more "major" rural roads have fresh, intermittent patches of gravel to tide us over until the thaw is complete.

The thaw is taking it's time on the pond, but the red-wing black birds are beginning to show up already. The males come back early to reserve their spot in the reeds.

The garden thaw is complete, and it's a perfect muddy slosh. However, the bluebirds are already flitting from post to post. That flash of color out back is a rush!

And speaking of birds returning, honking geese have been going over in amazing numbers. Their flight patterns are fascinating. We're in between two major flyways, both called "Mississippi" flyways, so that explains the concentration of travelers.

And there's no more hopeful spring sight than buds on flowering trees! For me, this always represents the best kind of hope, not the twisted political messages, but the forever message of hope from God. Hope that comes from promises that have lasted through the ages and will never, ever be broken!
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you." Psalm 32:8

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