February 4, 2010

Warming Up

Warm is relative this time of year isn't it? Today we were in the 30's and it felt great. However, warming temperatures outside mean...more snow of course! That's what's on the weather menu tomorrow and there's no sense in griping anymore, so with a change of attitude, we'll simply ride it out and enjoy all those good things to eat that are best in the cold winter months. Tonight's menu includes our favorite vegetable soup paired with grilled cheese on rustic sour dough bread. Now who could keep up the complaining with this on their dinner table?!

This soup includes our frozen green beans from this summer, our cabbage, and our garlic. The rest of the veggies I added were part of a "clean out the freezer dump." Frozen veggies get so tasteless after the bag has been opened and they've been languishing in there for too long, so sometimes you just need to dump them all into a soup, or stir-fry, or casserole.

We have a basic vegetable soup recipe that we've been making for a number of years now, which is based on the Weight Watcher's no-point soup recipe, but we spice it up according to mood and try to add new things each time. This particular recipe link uses broth instead of the older version of the recipe which uses tomato juice, and that's the one we use most. This time, since I was using a hodgepodge of frozen veggies, I decided to add a couple of special ingredients to boost the flavor.

Both delicious, very versatile, and so worth the bit of extra cost.

Our garlic has been stored in our pantry in this little basket since we harvested it this fall. It's been fantastic and we've been really pleased with the way it's preserved so well. The basket was full at one point, but we use it in everything and it's running low. This is the garlic we grew from sets that came from a friend, who got it from a friend many years ago, and it originated in Romania - cool history!

Enjoy your cozy home and plan your garden while you wait for the thaw!

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