February 17, 2010

Tropical Oasis

In the deep winter days, why not make a little tropical flavored dinner to chase the blues away! We had salmon with a tropical fruit salsa last night and it just tasted so bright and refreshing.

You could use any citrus fruit to make a great fish topping. Here's what I put together - chopped orange, pineapple chunks, cilantro, green onion, chipotle red pepper, and a squeeze of honey. Other choices would be papaya, kiwi, mango...whatever makes you think of a warm place!

This is Alaska wild caught salmon that I purchased from our food club - wasn't it nice of my Christmas cactus to bloom for this tropical themed post?! The salmon comes in these great individual packages, which makes for longer storage and really convenient thawing. It's sold in 10 pound boxes, so that lasts us a good long time. I was interested in ordering some Alaska halibut from the same source, but I checked today and it was double the price of the salmon - yikes!

And speaking of fish, I recently downloaded a little brochure that lists the best sources of fish for various regions of the country. It's based on what fish is raised and caught in an environmentally responsible way, but it also indicates which fish is more likely to be more contaminated with mercury and other pollutants. Look on the Monterey Bay Aquarium site to see the lists. The fish on these lists are considered as coming from sustainable sources. If you want to know more about what sustainable means, try this link - http://food.change.org/blog/view/what_is_sustainable_food_anyway. I'm no "green activist", but I definitely believe that we need to take a much closer look at what we're doing with our food sources.

If you're in the snow bank like we are, go make something tropical and check the calendar to remind yourself that Spring is on the way!

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