March 1, 2010

More Money in the Bank

I decided to make and freeze my own portions of cookie dough, just like the grocery store sells, only better! This is peanut butter cookie dough that I scooped out with a small dough scoop, and froze individually on a cookie tray.

Once they were solidly frozen, I popped them into a freezer bag and now I can pull out as many as we want and bake them fresh! It really is worth a little effort now to make my own "convenience" foods for entertaining. Not only does it save time and give me options, I know exactly what's in these mostly organic cookies, and exactly what's not - preservatives, emulsifiers, corn and soy bi-products, - yuck!

I also made a healthy cereal snack mix. This is my newest container craze. It's an Oxo Good Grips air-tight container. Amazon is selling this one for a much better price than I paid at our local hardware store, but then there's that nice issue of supporting small businesses! I got this because I've recently realized that my Tupperware is nearly 17 years old! Now that's quite a testimony to that product, but it is suffering from too many dish-washings and needs to be replaced and/or supplemented. I love the way these lids seal and the fact that they're clear.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a pantry that looked like this?! They come in all kinds of wonderful sizes and even in great sets of ten. Since we plan on continuing to purchase bulk items and get our pantry well stocked, I think we'll be investing in some more.

This last bit of money in the bank is in the form of getting the party decorations done waaaayyyy ahead of time. Boxed up, ready to go, peace of mind, and getting excited to be there with everyone and celebrating with no holds barred! I've been working on Happy Birthday placards for the tables, daffodil centerpieces, and garlands. There will be little bowls of chocolate kisses too, and I'm warning my Dad right now, that I will be flicking his chocolate-loving little hand if he tries to attack them before the guests arrive! What fun to work on this project, and what a privilege!

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